No Prospect of an End: Living with an Ever Changing Climate


The Divisions of Physical & Biological Sciences and Social Sciences are proud to announce The Second Annual UCSC Climate & Policy Conference. The dates of the conference are Friday March 13th-Saturday March 14th.

Our overarching theme this year is “No Prospect of an End”: Living with an Ever Changing Climate. The quote from James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth is not meant to be depressing. Rather, we want to remind (or enlighten) audience members that if we do not dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we may trigger a rapid shift in climate that might not slow for a millennium, and that those new hot conditions might last many tens of millennia. From a societal perspective, climate change would seem never ending, and predicting environmental conditions in that future “hot house” world will be very difficult.

The Friday night lecture to kick off the event will feature eminent geologist Richard Alley (Penn State). Alley is renown for his work on glaciers, abrupt climate change, and sea level.

Following Friday's lecture, on Saturday will be a day-long 2-part panel discussion, the core of the conference. Panelists include climate scientists, civil servants, economists, and educators from across the country.

The morning Panel will focus on Coastal Resilience: Weathering the Coming Storm

The afternoon panel's focus is Wicked Solutions: Unavoidable Tradeoffs between Food, Water, Energy, and Biodiversity.

We anticipate many lively discussions as we have the panelist interact with the audience (We expect a sell-out crowd)

Colleges Nine/Ten Multi-purpose Room
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The conference is free, but registration IS required.

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03/13/2015 - 7:30pm