Keck Science Meeting


UC Santa Cruz is pleased to host this year's annual meeting of the Keck Observatory user community at Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, CA. The meeting will include two days of both oral and poster presentations from the scientific partners of Keck Observatory, including Caltech, the University of California, NASA, the University of Hawaii, Yale University, Swinburne University, the Australian National University, Australian Keck users via the AAL, Subaru Observatory, and Gemini Observatory. Participants will share recent, interesting results based on observations conducted with the Keck I and Keck II telescopes on Maunakea.

Location details: 

The Hotel Paradox
611 Ocean St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Admission details: 

For more information regarding registration for the Keck Science Meeting, please visit our event website.

Event dates: 
09/14/2017 (All day)