"La Noche de las Estrellas" at Lick Observatory


"La Noche de las Estrellas" is a special Lick Observatory visitors night for the Spanish-speaking community (by invitation only). Lick Observatory will host approximately 100 high school students and family members from five nearby High Schools (Gonzales, Soledad, Salinas, Castroville, and Watsonville). These are schools with close ties to UC Santa Cruz through the MESA program, which is one of Lick Observatory's partners in this endeavor. To enable participation, students will be picked up at their high schools and returned to their high schools afterwards.

The students and family members will enjoy a Spanish-speaking evening on Mount Hamilton, featuring short lectures by renowned scientists (e.g., UCSC Astronomy Prof. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Prof. Jesus Gonzales, Director of the Astronomy Institute at the Mexican Autonomous University), followed by telescope viewings after dark through Lick Observatory's 36" Great Refractor and 40" Nickel telescopes. More smaller telescopes will be available outside of the observatory for everyone to look through. The students and their family members will also have the opportunity to meet astronomers like Prof. Claire Max (UC Observatories Director), Prof. Emerita Sandra Faber (UCSC and UCO/Lick), Prof. Emeritus David Koo (UCSC and UCO/Lick), Prof. Xavier Prochaska (UCSC and UCO/Lick), and dignities from the Mexican Consulate, among others. Free transportation is a unique feature of the program that is included in order to give access to the program to students from all economic backgrounds.

This special event is sponsored and made possible by:

The University of California Observatories (UCO) | University of California, Santa Cruz | MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) | U.S. National Science Foundation, and the Friends of Lick Observatory.

This event is by invitation only.

Lick Observatory
Location details: 

Mount Hamilton, CA

Admission details: 

By invitation only.

Invited Audience: 
Event dates: 
09/29/2017 - 6:00pm