Kraw Lecture in Silicon Valley: Making precision medicine personal for kids


The Kraw Lecture Series in Silicon Valley features UC Santa Cruz scientists and technologists.
Join us in December for:
Making precision medicine personal for kids: How researchers and doctors are giving new hope to kids with cancer using big data genomics

With the UC Santa Cruz Treehouse Cancer Initiative:
Olena Morozova, co-founder
David Haussler, co-founder
Isabel Bjork, director
Lauren Sanders, Ph.D. student

There are several truisms about childhood cancer: it tends to be aggressive, differs from adult cancers, and when treatments fail, time runs out quickly. Precision medicine powered by big data becomes personal when university researchers and doctors team up. The Treehouse Cancer Initiative at UC Santa Cruz uses comparative cancer genomic analysis to help doctors treat kids with few options. Learn more about how a new project partnering our Treehouse researchers with Stanford doctors is bringing new hope to families.

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Silicon Valley Campus Extension
3175 Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara

Invited Audience: 
Event dates: 
12/05/2017 - 6:00pm