Spoken/Unspoken: Forms of Resistance


This exhibition highlights a collection of artists and activists engaged with forms of resistance. Contributing artists include: Self Help Graphics, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Laura Kina, the Guerrilla Girls, Hung Liu, Yolanda Lopez, Yoko Ono, Jo Hanson, and others.

Sesnon Gallery, Porter College
Admission details: 

The exhibition is open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00- 5:00 pm, Wednesday 12-8pm.
February 8 through March 17.

FREE and open to the public.
Parking permits required; a limited number of metered spots may be available.

Invited Audience: 
Event dates: 
02/08/2018 (All day)
02/09/2018 (All day)
02/10/2018 (All day)
02/13/2018 (All day)
02/14/2018 (All day)
02/15/2018 (All day)
02/16/2018 (All day)
02/17/2018 (All day)
02/20/2018 (All day)
02/21/2018 (All day)
02/22/2018 (All day)
02/23/2018 (All day)
02/24/2018 (All day)
02/27/2018 (All day)
02/28/2018 (All day)
03/01/2018 (All day)
03/02/2018 (All day)
03/03/2018 (All day)
03/06/2018 (All day)
03/07/2018 (All day)
03/08/2018 (All day)
03/09/2018 (All day)
03/10/2018 (All day)
03/13/2018 (All day)
03/14/2018 (All day)
03/15/2018 (All day)
03/16/2018 (All day)
03/17/2018 (All day)