Alumni Weekend 2018


Around this time, every year, alumni return to our beautiful campus to reflect, rekindle, rediscover, and renew.

Alumni Weekend 2018 is a time for celebration, for looking back on all the things you learned in your time here—and continuing the learning process—and for reuniting with those who shared your journey.

We're looking forward to seeing you! During the weekend you can:

• attend a "Teach-In" in an actual classroom, with distinguished faculty who will engage your mind,
• take in the stunning views,
• lunch with your long-lost roommates and friends and,
• much, much, more: check it out at

Come home and consider the way this lovely campus has changed and yet remained the same. And say hello again to a place you know and love—53 years young, and with an oversized impact on the world around us.

See you April 27–29.

Location details: 

UC Santa Cruz

Admission Required
illustration of people, ocean, and redwoods
Event dates: 
04/27/2018 (All day)